6 Weeks of Savings – WEEK 2

Hardy Meals – Heartfelt Packaging

Our Fibreware™ products are non-toxic, made from bagasse – a byproduct from sugarcane processes to extract sugar that would otherwise go to waste. This left over material is manufactured into high quality compostable clamshells. Our Fibreware™ clamshells are robust enough for your hardy salad dressing to pasta sauces and curries.

More products on sale next week!

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  • Burrito Bowl Lids

  • Burrito Bowls

  • Cake Box Insert

  • Cake Boxes

  • Catering Pan Lid

  • Catering Pans

  • Cellulose Bag Flat

    Cellulose Bag Flat

  • Cellulose Bag with Gusset

  • Chopsticks

  • Clear Bowl Lids

  • Clear Bowls

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