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June 18, 2011
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July 5, 2011

BYOC (Bring Your Own Container): The FIRST Packaging Free Grocery Store

The US sends 1.4 billion pounds of waste to landfill per day. 40% of that is packaging that is used just once.

The first zero-packaging grocery store in America is coming to Austin, Texas this fall. ‘in.gredients’ will carry locally sourced organic products that are 100% packaging free.

Their offerings? They’ll have everything that a conventional grocery store might have – even beer, dairy products and wine. The only difference is, consumers will have to come prepared with their own bags and containers!

With this new store concept, consumers can buy what they need and nothing more. All while enjoying a 100% packaging free shopping experience. Yes, you heard us right. That means no more finding slimy mystery greens in the bottom of your produce drawer!

Start your zero-waste journey

While we wait for a Canadian option, you can still find ways to reduce your packaging and food waste. Here are some of our favorite resources for zero-waste tips:

  1. Plastic Manners is a blog by local Vancouverite, Taina Uitto, who took the challenge of living plastic-free for a year. She has a list of tips on how to avoid plastic (including plastic packaging of course). You can read more about Taina and her experience through this Granville Online interview.
  2. The Zero Waste Home blog is written by mother Bea Johnson about her family’s almost fully zero waste lifestyle. Her list of tips are great! Don’t miss this video (scroll to the bottom) showing how Bea and her family shop packaging free.

Read more:

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