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November 26, 2018
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January 30, 2019

Compostable Packaging For Your Sustainable Holiday Party

Are you hosting a holiday party this year?

Hosting a holiday party is a lot of fun. However, it is also a lot of work. There is food to prepare, a venue to choose, decorations to organize, drinks to fix and of course, invitations to send.

It would be understandable if garbage at your event doesn’t even make it onto your radar. Sometimes it is only realized once the festivities are over, and the garbage bags are piled high. However, if you are currently reading this blog, then reducing your waste is already a priority! Yay!

Compostable Packaging at your Party

At BSIbiowe are experts in compostable food ware packaging. We offer solutions to help you serve your delicious holiday treats, or those toasty drinks to keep you warm. Whether you are serving mulled wine or holiday pudding we have a suitable option for you.  The best part is that a one-bin system makes it easy for you and your guests. That last bite of cake that your guest just can’t finish can go into the green bin, along with their certified compostable fork and plate.

Of course it is ideal if you can use reusable forks and plates! However, sometimes that is not an option. Our compostable food ware is a perfect alternative. It provides both an elegant and reliable solution, all while staying environmentally safe. Either way, there will be no food or food packaging going to the landfill from your party this year!

Waste Haulers & Compost Facilities

If you are using compostable packaging at your party, how do you ensure they get composted? Contact us for a list of waste haulers and facilities that accept our BSIbio compostable products. We have tested our products at these facilities to make sure they compost at each facility. Read more about our compost story!

Make it easy for your guests!

As you wrap up your preparations you can check food ware off your holiday party to do list and enjoy the most important part of the celebrations, visiting and connecting with friends and family!

And at the end of your party – when the guests are gone and the celebrations complete – you won’t be looking at a pile of garbage, destined for the landfill. Feel good about your sustainable party and healthy compost!

Check out our compostable products – on SALE now – for your holiday party!

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