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November 7, 2016
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February 27, 2017

3 Steps to Using Compostables at Your Holiday Events

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It’s that time of the year again, and the past couple weeks have reminded Vancouverites that we are in fact a part of chilly Canada.  It’s a good time to be indoors, tucking in with a hot cup of cocoa, and planning end-of-year celebrations with your friends, family and coworkers!

Step 1. Make the decision – do you need compostables?

If you’re serving food at your events, what will you eat off of? Reusable, durable dishware is option #1, but if you can’t go that route for lack of dishwasher (or people to wash dishes!) then our certified compostables are your next best bet.

Step 2. Ok, choice made. Now, what compostables do you need?

Depending on what you’re serving, you can get away with as little foodware as a napkin, or go all the way with soup bowls, plates, cups and cutlery.

Here’s our hot list of compostable goodies for your holidays:

BSIbio Compostable Christmas Product Hot list

Step 3. Where does it go? Booking transport for your holiday compostables and food scraps

EcoAction Compost Bin Dec 2016 - BSIbio blog

Compost bins from Eco-Action Recycling make it clear to compost here!

Compostables are a special guest at your event – and they need to get home too! Hopefully your venue has food scraps pickup already, but if it doesn’t, there are a number of haulers in the Lower Mainland who will provide one-day event services. Our top picks are:

Any of these folks should be able to set up small-event compost pickup within a week or so. We have even more haulers in our network – for our full list of recommend haulers and compost facilities, get in touch! We love working with our customers to make composting as easy as it can be.

As for where they’ll take your stuff – that all depends on which compost facility nearest you likes and takes compostable products! Check out our map for Where to Compost your Bésics® Products.

Bonus step! Hire bin-sorting professionals to help your guests use the right bin and increase your event waste diversion

Having a big event, and worried about your guest’s ability to choose the right waste bin? Consider calling in the experts – Green Chair RecyclingThe Binner’s Project, and Clean It Recycling all provide sorting at your events to increase your diversion!

Let us know if this article helped you out!

What party plans do you have for the holiday season, and will you be using compostables? Tell us on Twitter @bsibio!

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