Compostable Products

  • Cellulose Bag with Gusset

  • Cellulose Bag Flat

    Cellulose Bag Flat

  • Paper Straw


  • Window Boxes

  • Straws Wrapped

  • Plant Fibre Box Lids

  • Plant Fibre Bowls

  • Plant Fibre Bowl Lids

  • PLA Bag with Gusset

    PLA Bag with Gusset

  • PLA Bag Flat

    PLA Bag Flat

  • Paper Bread Bags

  • Paper Boxes Fold Top

    Paper Boxes Fold Top

  • Clear Sandwich Wedge

  • Clear Portion Cups

  • Clear Portion Cup Lids

  • Chopsticks

  • Tasting Spoon Wooden

  • Sushi Tray with Sauce Dish

  • Sushi Boxes with Lid

  • Fibreware Trays

  • Straws Unwrapped

  • Spoon

  • Soup Bowl Lids

  • Plant Fibre Boxes

  • Paper Portion Cups

  • Paper Portion Bags with Window

  • Paper Portion Bags

  • Napkin Dispensers

  • Paper Trays

  • Paper Sheets

  • Knife

  • Hot Cup Sleeves

  • Fork

  • Fibreware Bowl Lid

  • Fibreware Bowls

  • Cup Carrier Tray

  • Cold Cup Insert

  • Cold Cup Lids (Flat & Dome)

  • Cold Cups

  • Coffee Bag – PLA Lined

  • Clear Container Square Lid

  • Clear Containers Square

  • Clear Containers with Hinged Lid

  • Clear Containers with Flat Lid

  • Clear Clamshells with Hinged Lid

  • Clear Container Multi Cell Lid

  • Clear Bowl Lids

  • Clear Bowls

  • Clear Containers Multi Cell

  • Fibreware Clamshells

  • Catering Pan Lid

  • Catering Pans

  • Cake Box Insert

  • Cake Boxes

  • Burrito Bowl Lids

  • Burrito Bowls

  • Take out Bag with Handle

  • Napkins


  • Soup Bowls

  • Hot Cup Lids

  • Hot Cups

  • Paper Boxes Flap Top

  • Plates

  • Taster Spoon Paper


Our new BESICS BOX is made with 100% recycled paper and lined with a certified-compostable plant-based polymer so that you can easily dispose of it in commercial green bins, along with food scraps.

Many paper take-out boxes on the market are currently lined with conventional, non-compostable plastic. Although they look eco-friendly, the plastic lining makes recycling them difficult and they cannot be composted.