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November 29, 2011
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February 18, 2012

[Press Release] Canadian company pioneers new Canadian-made compostable food wrap

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January 31, 2012

Canadian company pioneers new Canadian-made compostable food wrap
BSI Biodegradable Solutions launches three original products

Vancouver, BC —The restaurant and food service industry can soon add compostable wrap paper to its list of eco-responsible food product choices! BSI Biodegradable Solutions (BSI) unveiled a brand new line of Canadian-manufactured Bésics® wrap paper at the BC Foodservice Expo this past weekend.

The line includes:

  • A coated kraft wrap,
  • An oil and grease resistant wrap, and
  • A natural cellulose transparent wrap.

In addition, BSI was awarded the best Exhibit Concept, Design & Presentation honours at the event.

“BSI is dedicated to developing and innovating new biodegradable foodservice products for the restaurant and food service industry” explains Susanna Carson, CEO of BSI Biodegradable Solutions.

“We are extremely proud of the three new Bésics wrap papers. Conventional wrap papers used for sandwiches, burgers, deli meats, and basket liners are usually thrown away or have a very long compost timeline. Our products can compost within 180 days under commercial & backyard compost conditions, reducing the amount of waste that enters our landfills.”

Materials & beyond

The three new items are all BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified compostable. The paper is Sustainable Forestry Initiatve (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, and the resin is corn-based and food contact approved.

  • Bésics® Coated Kraft Wrap features unbleached kraft paper coated with Danimer ™ PLA. This coated wrap paper is ideal for all applications where a moisture barrier is required.
  • Bésics® Oil and Grease Resistant Wrap Paper features bleached sustainably forested paper, blended with a fluorine-free formula of oil and grease resistant additives.
  • Bésics® Natural Cellulose Wrap Paper is composed of the inner cells of woody plants and trees. Its transparency makes it great for fresh products, like sandwiches or greens.

“Our goal for the line is to stay true to our vision to create quality products with high environmental standards,” adds Carson. “Even these new products will improve over time. Our goal is to achieve 60 per cent post consumer recycled content in our paper products in the near future.”

For more information about the Bésics compostable food wrap paper line, please contact BSI Biodegradable Solutions. For more information about the BC Foodservice Expo, please visit

About BSI Biodegradable Solutions
Founded in 2004, BSI Biodegradable Solutions (BSI) is becoming one of North America’s preeminent specialty suppliers of compostable and eco-friendly products for the restaurant and foodservice industry, including service ware, packaging, and flatware.

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Media Contact: Sophia Cheng PR,, 604-828-3102,

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