November 8, 2018
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December 30, 2019

As the compostable packaging industry expands it can be a challenge to ensure you’re getting the real deal. In a world of greenwashing and false claims, it can be expected that consumers are growing more sceptical.

At BSIbio, we do our homework.

We’ve designed the B6 Standards, as an internal checklist to ensure that the products you receive are both high quality and beneficial for the environment. Let us walk you through the 6 steps. They guarantee you a safe and reliable product. 

A quality product is made from quality materials.

We aim to provide you with products made from renewable, and sustainable sources. Ranging from certified sustainability harvested trees, to sugarcane and corn, we utilize a wide range of materials to provide you a variety of bio-based, compostable foodware products. Therefore, we look for suppliers  who are certified sustainable to ensure you that you are supporting the best environmental practices.

Protect your team!

We protect our team because everyone’s health and safety are important to us, including those who manufacture our products. We prefer to work with manufacturers who are certified in appropriate worker health and safety and follow international management standards. Included in the B6 Standards is a checklist on the health and safety of workers in our manufacturers that we follow during personal visits to our overseas partners.

Treat everyone equally.

At BSIbio, we value our employees at home, and our partners overseas therefore, we strive to work with manufacturers who pay their works a fair and just wage, with responsible hours and safe working conditions. We have made first hand trips to our suppliers and sources to inspect that workers are being treated justly. Consequently, we will not settle for less when looking for business partners.

Fit for you and your food.

We require all of our manufacturers to guarantee us food safety. Our products are compliant with both Canadian and International health safety standards because we want our products to be just as safe for you, as they are for our environment.

Third party certification.

We look for manufacturers who provide third party certified compostable material and finished product, because it is important that they are just as committed to sustainability as we are. Our research department regularly compiles up-to-date certification on our products to make certain that our foodware is always certified compostable, sustainable and safe. Through our research we also aim to test our products in real world environments to demonstrate to consumers and composters that our foodware is compostable.

Calculating your impact with numbers.

Calculating your footprint is one way to put a number on your impact on the environment, therefore we are working to footprint BSIbio as a whole. In the future, we are hoping to be able to footprint all of our product lines and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.


Through the B6 Standards we aim to reassure you that our products are both environmentally and socially sustainable. Hence we do our due diligence and strive to support like-minded businesses in their own sustainability goals!

Check out our B6 STANDARDS website and learn more about our 3rd party certifications.

Someof our B6 STANDARD products are on SALE now! Test out our Fibreware clamshells made from sugarcane!

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