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June 1, 2018
November 13, 2018


A lot of people don’t know what exactly a bio-plastic is, and in the ever changing world of sustainability it can be hard to find an answer. A bio-plastic is a material with similar strength, flexibility and versatility as conventional plastics, however bio-plastics are designed to come from nature. As this industry grows and develops at a rapid pace. it’s important to know about the impact of bio-plastics! Bio-plastics can be either long lasting, durable and recyclable, or they can be certified compostable. At BSIbio we focused on high quality certified compostables.


Since plastics are such a prominent material around the world, bio-plastics were developed to combat the issues we face with conventional plastics. The most commonly used compostable bio-plastic is a  clear bio-plastic material called polylactic acid (PLA). These products can look similar to traditional petroleum plastic and although they may look identical they are very different. The main difference is that PLA degrades faster when it is exposed to the right environmental conditions (composting) while conventional plastics can take decades to degrade!  


At BSIbio, we specialize in sourcing and supplying bio-based, compostable food ware packaging. These products are made from a range of compostable bio-based materials such as sugarcane, trees, bamboo and corn. Corn is widely used as the main feed stock in creating PLA bio-plastic. Through sourcing bio-based materials to create compostable bio-plastics we aim to take petroleum based materials out of the equation.


Our PLA bio-plastic products are made from renewable plant based material and third party certified compostable. Although, PLA is compostable that does not always guarantee acceptance at a compost facility. At BSIbio, we engage in research and facility acceptance of all certified compostable products. We strive to spread awareness of compostable bio-plastics and their benefits to sustainability. You can dive into some of our research on open source field-testing of certified compostable products.


There are composting facilities serving our Vancouver region that accept BSIbio’s certified compostable PLA products, and there are haulers who work with these facilities. Although PLA is not currently accepted in the standard organics bin, it is possible for homes, businesses, institutions, and events to set up systems to compost PLA. We have helped many of our customers create a simple one-bin system. All their front of house packaging goes into the compost bin!

If you want sustainable, certified, compostable packaging at your business then BSIbio can make that happen!

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  1. This article sheds light on the urgent need to address the issue of plastic waste and its impact on our environment. It’s high time we take action and find sustainable solutions that can help us make a positive impact on our planet

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