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August 17, 2011
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From Farms to Forks 2 | A Growing Chefs! Harvest Kitchen Party
October 15, 2011

Thrifty Foods takes a step backwards – brings back plastic bags

Two years ago, Thrifty Foods proudly announced that they were discontinuing plastic bags.

“We think eliminating plastic grocery bags is the right thing to do and we are confident our customers will understand and accept this as a positive step in the right direction. In fact, we know from asking our Customer Panel that some 80 per cent of Thrifty Foods customers surveyed agree that plastic grocery bags should not be used”

Milford Sorensen, President & CEO of Thrifty Foods.

Read the full press release from 2009.

But now it’s 2011, they’re announcing that they’re bringing plastic back to three of their Lower Mainland stores.

So why are they reverting to plastic now? All businesses have to react to their consumers’ demands in one way or another. Despite the fact that Thrifty Foods wants to be sustainable — And that they outlined their reasoning very clearly (read their FAQ on the issue) — their customers “prefer plastic.”

Let Thrifty Foods know that you support their first decision from back in 2009! Be sure to tell them you are proud to shop at a business with a commitment to sustainability, and that the plastic bags have got to go.

Vancouver should be moving forward, not backwards.

Here’s how to reach Thrifty Foods:



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