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E-Paper that doesn’t need electricity?

In a big move for green tech, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan recently showed off i2R e-paper. It’s their new, fully recyclable and re-writable e-paper product —Take a look!

So, what sets this product apart from other e-paper technologies?

Existing e-readers and tablets rely on electricity to backlight what’s on screen. However, ITRI’s newly minted i2R paper does not need it, thus cutting down on energy usage. Like how carbon transfer (receipt) papers use pressure, it uses heat to transfer images and text to the display surface.

That means displays can be erased by inserting the e-paper into a thermal writing device like a conventional fax machine).

i2R Paper’s future & Real-world applications

Thanks to its high capacity for memory, this tech can also be preset to display images at certain intervals. Also, the combination of memory storage and independence from an electric power source makes it a suitable replacement for digital signage like TVs and billboards that require large amounts of energy to maintain. It could even replace many single-use printed paper products like event tickets, name badges and promotional materials!

The company hopes to have the product commercially available in two years.

How do you think e-paper technologies like i2R will change the pulp & paper industry? Will this be the future key to saving our trees?

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