Happy International Compost Awareness Week 2017!
May 5, 2017
Ellen MacArthur Foundation calls to ban oxo-degradable plastic packaging worldwide.
November 16, 2017

Announcing! Our Conference Presentation & BioCycle Article

What’s the life cycle of our compostable products?

This week our CEO Susanna Carson and Manager of Research & Communications Emily McGill are co-presenting the open source field testing program at BioCycle REFOR17 in Portland, Oregon, this Wednesday, Oct 18.

BSIbio Research

In case you didn’t know – we’re working to close the loop on our products. Since 2013 we have been testing our certified compostable packaging on-site at real-world compost facilities. We first shared this research in our 5-part blog series “A Compost Story“, and now we’re published in BioCycle magazine’s September 2017 edition. You can read the BioCycle article here.

BSIbio Field Testing Certified Compostable Products
BSIbio’s Research Team Field Testing Certified Compostable Products in the Lower Mainland

We tell the story of testing our certified compostable products at a regional, anaerobic digestion, composting facility back in 2014 in partnership with UBC. This was one of three test facilities to enhance the available methods for field testing these products.

Since then, we’ve been partnering with experts and organizations across Canada and the US to bring an open source field testing program to every facility interested in figuring out how these products work in their operations.

Interested in testing certified compostable foodware with your local facility?

Send us your contact information through the Field Testing landing page with the Compost Council Research & Education Foundation.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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