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October 5, 2015
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February 29, 2016

From touchdown to trash talk – compostable food ware is a ‘must have’ for consumers today

This weekend, as people all over North America gather around their televisions and potluck meals, they will be talking about football, beer, and FOOD!

Check out what Marylin Denis has to say about hosting a party with perfect, effortless clean-up that is easy on the environment in Season 6, Episode 79 of The Marilyn Denis Show. Skip to the 33 minute mark to see our BÉSICS®  product line in action.

Certified compostable food ware is an easy, guilt-free solution for quick service at events or even at home.

We are so proud compostables are part of the conversation that is gaining traction as we look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.  If you are someone asking hard questions about packaging, thank you!  You are part of the driving force for positive change.

Companies following consumer trends know people are willing to pay more for products provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact. In fact, this group of people increased from 50% in 2014 to 66% in the 2015 Niesen report on global sustainability trends in consumer purchasing.

Consumers love it for convenience and it speaks volumes about your brand.  Just ask our friends at Greenmunch!

What does your packaging say about you?  Having strong aesthetic appeal is only part of the equation and today’s savvy consumer is expecting companies to step up and take action to preserve our planet.

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